cover image Jabberwocky: From Through the Looking Glass

Jabberwocky: From Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll. ABRAMS, $16.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8109-1150-5

Base's considerable interpretive talents, on full display in Animalia , are featured in this wildly inventive version of ``Jabberwocky'' from Through the Looking Glass. The lilting phonetic texture of the poem is perfectly enhanced by Base's dramatic full-color paintings. The primeval forest, fairly bursting from the pages with steamy vegetation of every description, is a fitting home for the variety of incredible creatures that dwell within. Jabberwock, Jubjub and Bandersnatch are fully and uniquely hewn from the artist's imagination. ``Slithy Toves'' becomes two endearing little green creatures that look like a cross between prehistoric animals and beings recently arrived from another planet. The warring elements of this fantastic adventure are dichotomously conveyed: bleary-eyed, razor-toothed, with sharp tentacles, the Jabberwock swoops menacingly, a true embodiment of villainous horror, while the fair-haired prince, thoughtful and courageous on his milk-white steed, is by contrast good and pure. Overflowing with mythic splendor, this compelling version of the Jabberwocky should prove enduring. All ages. (May)