cover image BONZ INSIDE-OUT!


Sandra Higashi, Author, Byron Glaser, Author, Byron Glaser, Joint Author

Made up of parts that look like the Curious Bonz toys designed by Glaser and Higashi (the team behind Zolo ABZ: An Alphabet Book), spindly characters called Bonz jump and jive through this jazzy-looking compilation of skeleton-themed activities. They dance to "Dem Bonz" ("The knee bonz connected to the leg bonz"), sing "This Old Mandible" ("He played one,/ He played knick-knack on my thumb..."), tell passable jokes ("What instrument do skeletons play?/ Trom-bone") and present a true/false "Fact or Fibula?" quiz. Sleek software illustrations in eye-candy colors, à la Richard McGuire, create a chic veneer. Ages 4-10. (Oct.)