cover image Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law

Lori Foster / Author Zebra $6.99 (349p) ISBN 978-0-8217-7803-6

Lori Foster reintroduces benevolent, hunky millionaire Quinton Murphy and scrappy, virginal Ashley Miles in her unconvincing follow up to Jude's Law. Although Ashley is too busy for love trying to get ahead (she works two jobs while attending college), her sexual attraction to Quinton is so strong that they begin an affair. After thwarting the evil plans of the previous book's villain, a dangerous nutjob, Ashley's now atop his hit list, but fails to appreciate the danger she's in-or Quinton's concern for her safety. Inelegant foreshadowing that points out Ashley's resemblance to her best friend is just one of the book's clunky aspects; another is Ashley's unbelievably stubborn go-it-alone attitude, which not only grows wearisome, but calls her intelligence into question at several points as the story (and violence) progresses. And considering Foster's background in contemporary romance, toss-away phrases straight out of Regency England (""watering pot,"" ""leg-shackled"") strike odd notes. Still, the major issue is that Quinton must work too hard to prove his worthiness to Ashley, leaving readers to wonder why such a great hero would fall in love with such a prickly pain in the behind.