cover image Wolf


Gillian Cross / Author Holiday House $13.95 (0p) ISBN 978-0-82

Cassy much prefers her ordinary, well-run life, safe at home with her no-nonsense grandmother. But every so often--never with any warning--she is sent to stay with her mother, Goldie, a dreamy beauty who drifts from one seedy London neighborhood to the next. Goldie's latest home is a dilapidated ``squat,'' where she lives with her boyfriend Lyall and his son. Somewhat unwillingly, Cassy finds herself participating in Lyall's latest project--an unusual theatrical production called Wolf. Gradually, Cassy realizes that Wolf has a sinister connection to the mystery at the core of her life. Driven by this new knowledge, the heroine returns to her grandmother's house to play an important role in a chilling finale. Crackling with suspense, this book demands to be read in a single sitting. As usual, Cross ( Roscoe's Leap , A Map of Nowhere ) has created a wholly believable cast of characters and placed them in a unique set of circumstances. Terrorism, the dark world of childhood fantasy, and the nature of fear itself are among the subjects tackled in this meticulously plotted novel. Ages 10-14. (Apr.)