cover image Evangelicalism & the Future of Christianity

Evangelicalism & the Future of Christianity

Alister E. McGrath / Author InterVarsity Press $18 (209p) ISBN

Over the past three years, a number of evangelical scholars, including Mark Noll and David Wells, have been examining the health of the evangelical mind. Here McGrath studies the diagnoses of Noll and company and proposes his own prognosis for and about the fitness of the evangelical mind to engage in dialogues with postmodernism, post-liberalism, and religious pluralism. In his constructive essay, McGrath establishes the uniqueness of Jesus and the authority of Scripture as theological distinctives central to evangelical theology. He then explores the ways in which that theology is distinguished from, yet might fruitfully engage, the positions of the other three. The result is an exploration of postmodernism, post-liberalism and religious pluralism that is a significant confirmation of the health and vigor of contemporary evangelical thinking. (June)