cover image The Wrong Stars

The Wrong Stars

Tim Pratt. Angry Robot, $7.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-0-85766-709-0

Pratt, known for his fantasy writing (including the Marla Mason urban fantasy series, written as T.A. Pratt), delivers an entertaining and lively space opera series opener involving deadly ancient mysteries and alien contact. In the 26th century, our solar system is the hub of a thriving network connected by interdimensional wormhole “bridges” that were given to Earth by the Liars, an oddball race of octopus-like aliens. Capt. Callie Machedo and her crew aboard the White Raven fly missions on the rim of the solar system. Their lives are turned upside down when they recover a generation ship that was launched 500 years before to colonize a distant planet. The only crew member left on board the ancient ship, Dr. Elena Oh, brings news of a stunningly powerful—and dangerous—alien race called the Axiom, as well as a bridge generator that would permit travel far beyond the bridges’ limits. The discovery sets off panic among the Liars, and the White Raven’s crew takes on a treacherous mission to rescue Elena’s stranded companions and learn more about the Axiom. The characterizations are familiar, but Pratt’s worldbuilding fascinates, and the plot serves up action and big ideas in equally tasty helpings. This is definitely a series to watch. (Nov.)