cover image The Dreaming Stars

The Dreaming Stars

Tim Pratt. Angry Robot, $8.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-85766-767-0

Pratt’s entertaining Axiom space opera series continues (after The Wrong Stars) with a new chance to learn more about the mysterious and powerful ancient race known as the Axiom. Three months after rescuing the survivors of a human colony ship captured by a secret Axiom station, White Raven captain Callie Machedo and her crew have agreed to investigate the Taliesin system, where communications from colony world Owain have fallen silent. According to their ally Lantern, a member of the alien Liars (who were once enslaved by the Axiom), Axiom involvement is suspected. After a slow start, the story gets moving when the White Raven finally arrives at Taliesin and starts to investigate. Pratt’s thoughtful worldbuilding, revealed little by little, continues to impress. Fans of character-driven stories will enjoy the play of personalities among Callie’s crew. This well-imagined universe, populated by original and empathetic characters, has enough energy to power what could become a long-lived series. (Nov.)