cover image Arthur's Tooth

Arthur's Tooth

Marc Tolon Brown, Lawler. Atlantic Monthly Press, $13.95 (30pp) ISBN 978-0-87113-006-8

Brown's forte is amusing and educating small fry on dealing with emergencies. Every boy and girl who has suffered the indignity of a stubborn baby tooth will feel for poor Arthur. Alone among his animals friends, he can't force his first tooth to fall. Neither steak, corn on the cob, peanut brittle nor any stern measure works on the thing. And here's Muffy with a whole jar of teeth at show-and-tell time; she's collected two dollars for each! Arthur mopes as his peers show off the gaps in their mouths. But in the end, he can smile as widely as the other kids. Thanks to an encounter with mean Francine, Arthur winds up with the tooth in his paw, ready for the fairy to trade something of value for it. Brightly colored cartoons of the active anthropomorphs illustrate the story, sure to be enjoyed as much as its nine predecessors. (68)