cover image Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Marc Tolon Brown. Atlantic Monthly Press, $13.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-87113-091-4

Arthur may be facing his toughest challenge yet when he ends up with Mr. Ratburn for his third grade teacher. Rumors surround the man""Make one wrong move and he puts you on death row,'' and ``He's a vampire.'' All Arthur knows is that he has homework on the first day of school. His pesty sister, D. W., reminds Arthur that she won't have homework next year in kindergarten. The teacher announces a spelling test; the winners will go on to a school spellathon. Arthur works harder than he ever has, really pushing himselfand wins. Mr. Ratburn congratulates him and announces that next year he'll be teaching kindergarten. D. W. looks shocked when she gets that bit of news, having teased Arthur all week longit's a just, surprising comeuppance. The real-life lesson about teachers who expectand geta lot from their students is gently and winningly conveyed. (6-8)