cover image Sch-Portraits/Earth


Freeman Patterson. Random House (NY), $35 (180pp) ISBN 978-0-87156-717-8

From the sizzling sands of Africa's Nabib desert to the lush rain forest of the Pacific northwest, from the barren tundra of Ellesmere Island to his home on the St. John's River in New Brunswick, Patterson sees Earth in terms of shape, line and texture. His appreciation of natural landscapes translates instinctively into composition for striking photographs. Patterson, internationally recognized for his work, here presents extraordinary images of Earth, interspersed with a lucid text that describes in lyrical detail the attractions of a particular place. Despite climatic differences, he finds many similarities between the Nabib and Ellesmere; in both cases he is drawn by the quality of light. Throughout, Patterson discusses composition, camera position, lenses, exposure and other technical details. Readers who are interested in nature will enjoy these fresh views of natural landforms; nature photographers will be ecstatic. Photography Book Club main selection. (October 20)