cover image Last Wilderness

Last Wilderness

David T. Suzuki, Rizzoli, Freeman Patterson. Rizzoli International Publications, $50 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-8478-1302-5

This urgent appeal for ecological preservation focuses on Canada's last outposts of unspoiled wilderness, using spectacular images, brief text and captions to remind readers of that country's natural resources and their potential for damage from such commercial interests as logging and pulp mills. Canadian TV personality Suzuki reminds us that in ravaging the wilderness, we fail to consider future generations. The book points out that just 3% of Canada's land is designated as parks and protected areas. Canadian photographer-writer Patterson introduces the 140 handsome color images of foliage, glacier-marked landscapes and wildlife that dominate the volume and represent the diverse visions of some 50 photographers. The dramatic pictures depicting sites that could be destroyed by the end of the century create an unsettling mood. (May)