cover image Owls and Pussy-Cats: Nonsense Verse

Owls and Pussy-Cats: Nonsense Verse

Edward Lear. Bedrick, $16.95 (64pp) ISBN 978-0-87226-366-6

Inspired accompaniment to the nonsense verses of Lear and Carroll, Palin's gorgeous, eccentric paintings present a sweeping vision of a dream world slightly askew. Drawn with a passion for detail, bewigged fish and Dickensian grotesques share the pages with an assortment of animals, insects and children clad in Victorian regalia. The collection includes old favorites as well as lesser-known works (e.g., Carroll's ``The King-Fisher Song'' and Lear's ``The New Vestments''). Whimsical without the slightest trace of coyness, the accomplished artwork delights the eye. All ages. (Oct.)