cover image An Invitation to American Catholic History

An Invitation to American Catholic History

Martin E. Marty. Thomas More Publishing, $14.95 (221pp) ISBN 978-0-88347-189-0

Religious historian Marty (Righteous Empire, etc.) here offers ""the first extended historical essay on American Catholic history by a neo-Catholic.'' Himself a Lutheran, he speaks to an ecumenical audience, attempting to help Catholics find a way to enlarge on their American identity and giving non-Catholics greater understanding of Catholicism. Although it has been a presence in the New World for almost five centuries, Catholicism evokes ambivalence leading to conflict both within and without the universal church. Marty's comprehensive view of the Catholic contribution to American life is directed to general readers, inquiring secularists in a pluralistic society, who will be entertained as well as enlightened. (March)