cover image The Greedy Python

The Greedy Python

Richard Buckley. Picture Book Studio Ltd, $4.95 (21pp) ISBN 978-0-88708-001-2

This book and its companion are ultrarich, with dust jackets just like hard covers. Carle's glittering scenes illustrate the trials of an impatient tortoise who shucks his carapace in his ambition to get around faster. Buckley's jaunty four-line verses tell what a mistake that was. ""Though faster, he was not express/ And his protection was far less. . . .'' The traveler is menaced by big birds and animals; he is scorched by the sun, chilled by an inclement wind and drenched by rain. He's glad to arrive home and don the shell he vows never to leave again. In the second book, The Greedy Python serves as a merry object lesson: ISBN 0-88708-001-4 ; $3.95. (2up)