cover image Deliverers of Their Country S

Deliverers of Their Country S

L. Zwerger, Edith Nesbit. Michael Neugebauer Book, $15.95 (25pp) ISBN 978-0-88708-005-0

Consistently honored at the Bologna Fair, winner of a gold medal at the International Biennial of Illustration, Bratislava, Zwerger was also nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award. The artist's wonderful pastel paintings re-create the people and places in the fantasy by Nesbit, a storytelling genius of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This tale stars Effie and her brother Harry. When scores of dragons appear from out of nowhere, it seems, to wreak havoc in England, the children seek help by arousing St. George's spirit from his marble effigy. But the saint can do nothing to defeat the flying monsters. ""Everything's done by machinery now.'' He does, though, give Effie and George an idea which they carry out triumphantly, banishing the dragons, as the playful romance rolls along to its gleeful end. (5up)