cover image Albert the Running Bear Gets the Jitters

Albert the Running Bear Gets the Jitters

Barbara Isenberg, Diane de Groat, Barbara Asenberg. Clarion Books, $13.95 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-89919-517-9

Despite de Groat's appealing bears and the proven popularity of the title character from The Adventures of Albert the Running Bear and Albert the Running Bear's Exercise Book, this new story has a weak plot and a sentimental resolution. Albert is winning races, but a challenge arises when Boris, a new bear in town, taunts the champ. Boris looks like such a shoe-in that Albert has an attack of nerves and learns stress-management techniques. But Boris is a cheater who trips himself up trying to beat Albert. Ever the good sport, Albert forgives Boris and promises a rematch. Methods for handling stress are included in the text of the book and expanded on in a section at the back. But Albert has too much star quality to have been cast in this unsteady drama. Ages 5-9. (September)