cover image Love Among the Recipes

Love Among the Recipes

Carol M. Cram. New Arcadia, $15.99 trade paper (270p) ISBN 978-0-9810241-9-6

Cram (The Muse of Fire) serves up a deliciously inspiring romance. When cookbook author Genna McGraw learns of her husband’s infidelity, she hightails it to Paris, where she spends six months researching her newest project, a travel cookbook pairing recipes with Parisian landmarks. Genna quickly hits it off with a group of friends who encourage, assist, and inspire each other. Among them is Australian widower Bill Turner, who quickly becomes Genna’s love interest. Things get a little sticky when Genna’s adult children, Becky and Michael, unexpectedly show up in Paris, as neither knows about their father’s infidelity and instead think it was their mother who betrayed the marriage. Cram pulls off the familial conflict with more quirky humor than heartache, as the usually sour Becky is quickly won over by Bill, and Michael falls for Tessa, Genna’s protégé in the kitchen. Loaded with wit and charm, Cram’s bighearted romance successfully balances unassuming characters and raw passions. This fabulous jaunt through the City of Lights will leave readers breathless and longing for more from Cram. [em](Self-published) [/em]