cover image Rain Forest Wisdom: What Gorillas Tell Us About Ourselves

Rain Forest Wisdom: What Gorillas Tell Us About Ourselves

Andrew Y. Grant. Tatra (NBN, dist.), $15.95 trade paper (168p) ISBN 978-0-981-93219-4

This tiny book is a light appetizer that will not satisfy anyone looking for more than a superficial overview of gorilla behavior. Grant, a zoo executive, offers a scant few paragraphs on gorilla parenting, dominance relationships, mating practices, and diet. Those expecting to learn about human evolution and behavior will be even more disappointed. The rare places where there are direct comparisons between humans and gorillas—what it takes to be a leader, the nature of gestures and facial movements—are so simplistic as to be useless. The writing is clear, if repetitive, but reads like a middle school primer. With so little specific information, it is frustrating that Grant has provided erroneous information about the technical names of various subspecies of gorillas, confusing the nomenclature of the Eastern and Western Gorilla. The book is filled with sketches of gorillas that are attractive enough but add little to the text. Ultimately, Grant’s book fails to fulfill its title’s promise. (Nov.)