cover image Neither Here Nor There

Neither Here Nor There

Cat Rambo. Hydra, $17.95 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-0-9890828-7-7

This double collection showcases Rambo’s versatility within the fantasy genre. In the “Neither Here” half, tales set in her existing worlds of Tabat (“How Dogs Came to the New Continent”) and Serendib (“The Subtler Art”) rub shoulders with new worlds of magic and mystery. “Nor There” displays her skill at seeing our world through different lenses, with locations including steampunk London (“Clockwork Fairies”) and urban fantasy Seattle (“The Wizards of West Seattle”). Each story provides a well-realized insight into the characters or society it portrays and gives the reader a taste of what the larger world contains. Some characters, such as automaton Pinkerton detective Artemus West and psychic Elspeth Sorehs, appear in multiple stories, as do retired assassin the Dark and her spouse, the mage Tericatus, providing familiarity when they reappear without detracting from the unique settings of the stories that are placed in between. Of particular interest to both existing and new fans are the afternotes, which give insight both into the creation process and the connections to longer works by Rambo (Beasts of Tabat) and others. (Dec.)