cover image Exiles of Tabat

Exiles of Tabat

Cat Rambo. WordFire, $24.99 (330p) ISBN 978-1-68057-184-4

Rambo returns to a world of mystical creatures and magic in the plodding third installment of her Tabat Quartet series (after Hearts of Tabat). After Bella Kanto, Tabat city’s former champion, is stripped of her magic and exiled for a slew of alleged crimes, she’s recruited for a sea voyage by Ruhua, an employee of the power-hungry Duke Alberic. During their expedition, Bella chances on the mermaid Scylla, her former lover, who asks for Bella’s help to save her people from joining the ranks of sentient creatures who have been enslaved by humans. To aid her, Bella must first embark on a quest to Fireah, where she hopes to rekindle her lost magic. Meanwhile, Lucy and Maz, two students of Tabat’s College of Mages, are kidnapped by pirates whose captain, Jusuf Miryam, hopes to use them to obtain the ancient magic buried in the depths of Fireah for himself. Though the worldbuilding is as well drawn as ever, the mystery surrounding Fireah’s magic builds agonizingly slowly and the action doesn’t come until late in the story. Series readers will be happy to revisit this distinctive fantasy world, but will hope for more excitement in the finale. [em](May) [/em]