cover image Double Cover: A Warren Kingsley Mystery

Double Cover: A Warren Kingsley Mystery

Sherban Young. MysteryCaper, $29 (176p) ISBN 978-0-9912324-2-0

Bertie Wooster fans will appreciate Warren Kingsley, the inept star of this comic mystery, which will have readers chuckling. Warren has just taken on a new job, protecting businessman Thomas Redding on a trip to Berwald Island, Conn., when someone bludgeons Redding to death in his hotel room. Confined to the island due to the broken ferry and fearing for his life, Warren gets his own bodyguard in the form of short but sturdy Borodin Mahrute. The pair soon do their own sleuthing to identify Redding’s killer. Young does a decent job of recreating Wodehouse’s style (“It seemed pretty clear to Warren, though, that if 007 happened to stop by for the weekend it would probably turn out that Mahrute had once saved him from the clutches of a double agent, and it would only be a matter of time before the two were guzzling brandy and laughing about the good old days”). (BookLife)