cover image Double Talk: A Warren Kingsley Mystery

Double Talk: A Warren Kingsley Mystery

Sherban Young. MysteryCaper, $20 (260p) ISBN 978-0-9912324-8-2

Warren Kingsley has a casual work ethic, as shown by Young’s zany third whodunit featuring the inept bodyguard (after 2015’s Double Cover). Warren prefers “to wander from one activity to another, usually at the expense of whatever he was supposed to be doing in the first place.” As a consequence of that attitude, Warren has an uninspiring track record protecting his charges. He’s given a new chance to make good when he lands a gig as the speechwriter for the reelection campaign of Frederick Abbott, the mayor of Kilobyte, a city founded “by a prosperous vitamin salesman who dabbled in computer science.” A cast of eccentric characters presents Warren with an array of possible suspects when the political campaign turns deadly. At one point, Warren fears that an intruder into his home has planted poison in his food, based on how his cereal box is positioned. If this entry isn’t quite as funny as its predecessor, genre readers in the mood for silliness and the occasional out-loud laugh will still be rewarded. [em](BookLife) [/em]