cover image Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse

Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse

Nancy Atherton. Viking, $26 (240p) ISBN 978-1-101-98132-0

In Atherton’s mildly amusing 22nd paranormal cozy featuring Lori Shepherd (after 2016’s Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure), Lori, who’s privy to the ghostly Dimity Westwood’s written communications from beyond, hears something disturbing from elderly quilter Annabelle Craven, a fellow resident of the English village of Finch. Annabelle casually confesses to murdering Zach Trotter, her first husband, in the nearby town of Old Cowerton many years earlier. At Aunt Dimity’s suggestion, Lori travels to Old Cowerton, accompanied by her quirky friend, Bree Pym. In Old Cowerton, the women find opinion sharply divided: former neighbor and gossip Minnie Jessop and her cadre of friends accuse Annabelle of killing five men, including Zach; Penelope Moorecroft, “the current lady of the manor,” and the members of her circle say Annabelle is entirely innocent. Lori returns home to confront Annabelle, whose heartbreaking explanation prepares the way for the heartwarming resolution. [em]Agent: Annelise Robey, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (May) [/em]