cover image The Ruin of Kings: A Chorus of Dragons, Book 1

The Ruin of Kings: A Chorus of Dragons, Book 1

Jenn Lyons. Tor, $24.99 (560p) ISBN 978-1-250-17548-9

Kihrin, a street thief turned prince, unearths his complicated family history and faces devious magic-wielding foes in this intricate epic fantasy series launch by Lyons (the War in Heaven series). Set in a world of gods and magic, the frame story alternates between the perspectives of Kihrin and his jailer, a mimic named Talon, as they tell different parts of Kihrin’s tragic adventures. Kihrin’s enemies covet his protective Stone of Shackles, and in his journey to great power he crosses dragons, demons, and gods who seek to either aid or imprison him. Double crosses and hidden motivations pepper several plots for godly power. Though the hero’s journey structure and classical fantasy elements are familiar, the complex mysteries and revelations feel novel and offer plenty of room for rereading and analysis. There’s more mystery than action in this tightly plotted tome, and its lore and memorable characters will leave epic fantasy fans eager for the second volume. Agent: Sam Morgan, Foundry Literary + Media. (Feb.)