cover image The Sky on Fire

The Sky on Fire

Jenn Lyons. Tor, $29.99 (448p) ISBN 978-1-250-34200-3

Lyons’s addictive and intricately plotted quest story (after The Ruin of Kings) intertwines all the elements of a suspenseful heist—danger, high stakes, clever characters, secrets, and betrayal—in a sprawling fantasy world replete with pompous dragons. Teen Anahrod Amnead, who has the magical ability to control animals, is accused of stealing from a dragon, charged with treason, and sentenced to death. But 15 years later, the arrogant and powerful blue dragon Tiendremos suspects that the humans responsible did not carry through on the execution and demands they locate and return Anahrod to face her punishment. The bounty hunters sent to fetch her betray their assignment by making Anahrod an offer she can’t refuse: they won’t turn her in if she helps them steal the hoard of diamonds belonging to Neveranimas, the queen regent of dragons and Tiendremos’s boss, who stole the jewels from the comatose dragon king, Ivarion. Led by sultry dragon rider Ris, with whom Anahrod soon develops a sweet sapphic romance, the quirky group of adventurers includes knife-wielding warrior woman Claw, sorcerer Naeron, and elder poet Kaibren. Together they race against the clock to find the five swords that form the key to Neveranimas’s vault. If Ivarion wakes up before they succeed, the world as they know it could go up in flames. Fast-paced action, a smart and diverse cast, and fascinating dragon lore sustain this rip-roaring caper. Fantasy fans are sure to be sucked in. (July)