cover image The Dead Take the A Train

The Dead Take the A Train

Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey. Nightfire, $28.99 (400p) ISBN 978-1-250-86702-5

This deliciously down and dirty urban fantasy, the first in the Carrion City duology from Bram Stoker Award winner Khaw (The Salt Grows Heavy) and bestseller Kadrey (the Sandman Slim series), follows Julie Crews, an alcoholic freelance magician, as she navigates New York City’s seedy supernatural underbelly. Julie’s struggling to make ends meet performing exorcisms and other paranormal odd jobs for the city’s upper crust when her best friend (and longtime crush), Sarah, turns up on her doorstep, fleeing an abusive husband and badly in need of a place to stay. To protect Sarah and bail herself out of her dead-end career grind, Julie summons an archangel of justice hoping they’ll help balance the books in her favor—but everything comes with a price, and when the archangel proves to have murderous impulses, Julie must fight to keep Sarah, herself, and the entire mortal realm safe. Khaw’s and Kadrey’s styles are a perfect match throughout, melding Kadrey’s knack for punchy action sequences and Khaw’s talent for gorgeous descriptions as they maneuver their enormously fun cast through a filthily rendered New York. Fans of urban fantasy, neo-noir, and pulp horror won’t want to miss this raucous adventure. (Oct.)