cover image The Last Supper Before Ragnarok

The Last Supper Before Ragnarok

Cassandra Khaw. Abaddon, $11.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-78108-645-2

Khaw finishes up her twisted, mythologically profligate Rupert Wong trilogy with its signature visceral (heavy on the viscera) imagery, Wong’s distinctive voice, and plenty of dark humor, but the conclusion comes with more cartoonish fizzle than epic sizzle. Amanda, the embodiment of the internet, must save herself (and the world) from Cthulhu and parasitic creepypasta gods powered by human fear. She pulls together a dream team loosely specified by the universe-saving prophecy revealed by her companion, Chronicler Fitz: Rupert Wong, ever-reincarnating cannibal chef of the Chinese Hells; Cason, grandson of the Devil and middle-aged soccer dad; Tanis, half-lamia assassin; and the trickster god Coyote. Readers will love Khaw’s setting and would gladly see these entertaining characters through to the end of any story, so it’s a shame that she pushed herself into such an unsatisfying end-of-the-world plot. Wong narrates the tale to his “ang moh” (white) readers with the air of a put-upon Malaysian uncle, and the entertainment of his interactions with the rest of the group draws this dialogue-heavy road trip along. Though hardly a perfect ending to the series, this final installment works well enough to please longtime fans. (June)