cover image Cold Day in
\t\t  Hell

Cold Day in \t\t Hell

Richard Hawke, .\t\t . Random, $24.95 (288pp) ISBN 978-1-4000-6426-7

Hawke's intriguing second crime thriller, a considerably darker book \t\t than his debut, Speak of the Devil, which \t\t introduced New York City PI Fitz Malone, solidifies the wisecracking Fitz's \t\t place in the upper ranks of big-city series detectives. Devastatingly handsome, \t\t late-night TV star Marshall Fox has been arrested and jailed for the murder of \t\t two women with whom he was having affairs. The case looks pretty solid until \t\t two more bodies show up, both connected to Fox and the earlier murders. But how \t\t could Fox have committed the last two while he was behind bars? Fitz involves \t\t himself because one of the murdered women had asked him for help before her \t\t death, and though the police are, as always, reluctant to allow civilians in on \t\t an investigation, they're quite willing to use the clues he unearths. It's a \t\t tale replete with kinky sex practiced by beautiful people, conflicted cops with \t\t tragic backstories and a cold-hearted villain who leaves no obstacle alive in \t\t his attempt to cover up his heinous crimes. 5-city \t\t author tour. (Mar.)