cover image Eat the Dark

Eat the Dark

Joe Schreiber, Author, Renee Raudman, Read by , read by Renee R

Mike Hughes didn't expect his last night at the soon-to-be closed Tanglewood Memorial Hospital to be particularly memorable. But one patient wreaks havoc upon everyone left in the building when the lights go out. Trapped in the foreboding environment, Hughes and others must escape the brutal and deadly clutches of serial killer Jon Snow. Raudman delivers an enjoyable performance overall. Her pacing works well for the many suspenseful moments of the tale. While listeners may not be flinching at the exciting bits, they will certainly feel pangs of anxiety as Raudman increases her pitch and pace. Her tone, deep voice and light rasp often add to the suspense of the story. While some of her male characters come across as vocal caricature, Raudman's best talents reside in her vocalization of Snow and the maniacal edge within her performance that perfectly embodies him. Simultaneous release with Del Rey hardcover (Reviews, Aug 20). (Nov.)