cover image Fidel Castro: My Life

Fidel Castro: My Life

Ignacio Ramonet, Fidel Castro, , read by Todd McLaren and Patrick Lawlor. . Tantor Audio, $59.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4001-0592-2

This stunning autobiography of the controversial Cuban dictator is replete with stories spanning Castro's entire lifetime, everything from his relationship with Che Guevara to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Todd McLaren and Patrick Lawlor share narration duties, but fail to capture the essence of Castro or Ramonet and the sheer power and importance of their lengthy conversations. Though clearly read and well-pronounced, the interviews are so forced and crafted that the tales lose their poignancy and resonance. Listeners will be hard pressed to accept these performers as the aforementioned individuals, without so much as a Cuban dialect employed by the readers. Simultaneous release with the Scribner hardcover (reviewed online). (Apr.)