cover image Funny Fingers: Jazzy Jobs

Funny Fingers: Jazzy Jobs

Mark Shulman. Sterling Publishing (NY), $3.95 (14pp) ISBN 978-1-4027-0705-6

The Funny Fingers board book series by Mark Shulman, illus. by Jenny Harris, features die-cut holes through the middle of each book, so that children's fingers can become part of the scenes. In Amazing Animals, a pair of die-cut holes through the book allows youngsters to create the trunks of two ""entertaining elephants,"" the tentacles of the ""outrageous octopus"" and more. Fingers become necessary equipment in the die-cut hole for Jazzy Jobs (a carpenter's hammer, a helicopter propeller, etc.); while in Super Sports a finger becomes the kicker's leg in ""football fun!"" and a club for a ""great golfer!"" In Wacky Weekend, kids' fingers through the double die-cut holes throughout become the legs of a trapeze artist, skateboarder and dancer.