cover image Quiet Bunny's Many Colors

Quiet Bunny's Many Colors

Lisa McCue, Sterling, $14.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4027-7209-2

In this follow-up to Quiet Bunny, the fluffy rabbit loves spring colors so much that he decides to brighten up his coat, with each wardrobe change ending in a small disaster. When he covers himself in honey and dandelions to become yellow, bees come a'buzzing. Wearing a floppy, green lily pad on his head causes him to stumble, and the blueberry juice he squeezes onto his fur washes off in a spring shower. As in the previous book, it's up to a wise owl to persuade Quiet Bunny to embrace his natural gifts. Moments of gentle humor keep McCue's hyperbucolic world from feeling cloying. Ages 4–6. (Mar.)