cover image Bunny's Noisy Book

Bunny's Noisy Book

Margaret Wise Brown. Hyperion Books, $14.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-7868-0472-6

Over the course of a day, Little Bunny puts his long ears to good use and discovers a world full of sounds--birds chirping, bees buzzing--some of them (a sneeze, a stretch) of his own making. Brown's (Goodnight Moon) posthumous text reads more like a draft than a finished product, but there is still plenty here to draw in a young audience: the comforting brevity and gentle rhythm of the prose (""He raised his ears without opening his eyes. He heard all the little quiet noises starting the morning around him""); rhetorical questions after each sound is introduced (""What was that? Yes. It was a bumblebee. Two bumblebees""); and a close-of-day wrap-up that radiates a snugly warmth. McCue (The Perfect Christmas Gift) renders nature in the aesthetic tradition of vintage Golden Books. The colors of nature have a sweet, luminescent quality, like light shining through translucent candy, and the animals' eyes sparkle with vitality. Ages 3-7. (Nov.)