cover image Hurricane


Jewell Parker Rhodes, Washington Square, $14 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-4165-3712-0

In the third volume of Rhodes's voodoo-inspired series (after 2009's Moon), an environmental disaster brews in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina threatens. Dr. Marie Laveau, a descendant (and perhaps reincarnation) of the legendary voodoo queen, awakens from a nightmare, goes for a drive to clear her head, and finds a crime scene: John and Mimi L'Overture and their baby have been shot and killed in the village of DeLaire. She reports the murder to brothers Deet and Aaron Malveaux, respectively deputy and sheriff of DeLaire, and meets their ailing Nana, a voodooienne who's foreseen Marie's arrival. When Marie returns to work, a bullet meant for her kills one of her colleagues, so Marie returns to DeLaire to catch the killer and explore the next stage of her spellbinding destiny. (Apr.)