cover image A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes

A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes

Matthew Reinhart. LittleSimon, $26.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4169-1825-7

The small format of Reinhart’s latest pop-up book belies the number of classic nursery rhymes he packs inside. A pop-up Humpty Dumpty falls from a red brick wall (and begins to crack up) as his spread opens, while smaller flaps to the side open to reveal the garden of “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,” as well as a cake marked with a “B” for “Pat-a-Cake.” Additional spreads feature three rhymes each; in perhaps the most dramatic pop-up, a more cute-than-scary “Itsy Bitsy Spider” rides on a wave of water gushing from a towering waterspout. Ingenious details abound—the thoughtfulness put into every movement is evident. Ages 3–up. (Sept.)