cover image Say What?

Say What?

Angela DiTerlizzi, illus. by Joey Chou. S&S/Beach Lane, $15.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4169-8694-2

"They say what they say/ in their own silly way,/ when they say what they say/ with their sounds every day." Chou's stylish artwork adds punch to DiTerlizzi's (the Adventure of Meno series) meditation on the real meaning of animal sounds. Chou's wide-eyed creatures live just like humans, using cellphones and raiding the fridge. "When a lion says roar,/ does he really mean more?" wonders DiTerlizzi, as a harassed-looking lion father brings another box of bath toys to his son (he's the one doing the roaring). "When a horse says neigh,/ does she really mean hay?" she asks, for which Chou supplies a spread of two horses dressed in cowboy outfits, making hay angels in the stubble on a sunny field. Deep blues and yellows make the pages glow, and almost every spread highlights a loving parent-child dynamic. DiTerlizzi's jazzy verse translations of animal sounds work well, though she backs away a bit at the end%E2%80%94"What animals say, we really don't know." Chou, on the other hand, gives his imagination free rein. Ages 2%E2%80%935. (July)