cover image Chapterhouse Dune

Chapterhouse Dune

Frank Herbert, , read by Euan Morton, Katherine Kellgren, Scott Brick and Simon Vance. . Macmillan, $49.95 ( , unabridged, 13 CDs, 16.5 hrs., $49.95 ISBN p) ISBN 978-1-4272-0317-5

Hunted throughout the galaxy by the Honored Matres, the Bene Gesserit clan fends off its attackers while attempting to morph a green world into the sand planet needed to harvest the sought-after spice. Thus begins the complicated finale in the Dune series. Longtime readers will fall right into step with the continuing saga while newcomers will be overwhelmed, particularly in this production: the complex names of technology, characters and groups challenges getting oriented. But the talented cast—Euan Morton, Katherine Kellgren, Scott Brick and Simon Vance—do yeoman's labor. Each reads from a different point of view, a move that could easily be confusing but for the superb direction. A Putnam hardcover. (Feb.)