cover image Dodsworth


Sinclair Lewis. Blackstone Audiobooks, $29.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4332-0813-3

Lewis's remarkable 1929 satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife, is brought to life in a straightforward yet entirely enjoyable performance by Grover Gardner. He offers only slight variations in tone and dialect for each character, but they are always entertaining and realistic. He's never over-the-top or outrageous, which, given the writing style, could easily have been the case. Gardner's Dodsworth is a clear-cut and firm individual whose voice shifts ever so slightly once he begins to realize that there is far more to life than just a paycheck. As Dodsworth's wife, Gardner delivers a slightly more grating tone with a higher pitch reminiscent of a stage performance, which offers a more lighthearted tone at times.