cover image In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass

Stephen King and Joe Hill, read by Stephen Lang. Simon & Schuster Audio, unabridged, two CDs, 1.75 hrs., $14.99 ISBN 978-1-4423-5988-8

Narrator Stephen Lang supplies plenty of chills in his reading of this eerie story collaboration between father and son horror masters King and Hill. In this bizarre tale, the road to hell truly is paved with good intentions. Brother and sister Cal and Becky DeMuth are on a trip across the U.S. when they stop on the side of a country road after hearing a young boy calling for help. The call comes from a huge field full of incredibly tall grass. Aiming to help the poor boy, the two make their way into the overgrown vegetation. But it isn’t long before the siblings discover that this is no field of dreams, but rather a field of nightmares. Lang is on top of his game in this audio edition. His easy, low-key delivery captures the comfortable normalcy of Cal and Becky’s lives before they fall victim to the tall grass. And then, that same straightforward narration serves to create a growing sense of horror as Cal and Becky’s lives descend into despair and madness. (Oct.)