cover image War Maid’s Choice

War Maid’s Choice

David Weber. Baen, $26 (608p) ISBN 978-1-4516-3835-6

Weber returns to the fantasy realm of Norfressa and his barbarian hero Bahzell Bahnakson (last seen in 2004’s Wind Rider’s Oath) with an intricately plotted (albeit formulaic) story that sees the endearing hradani giant transition into a new stage of his life. The friendship between Bahnakson, a legendary champion of the god of war and Tellian Bowmaster, a powerful Sothoii nobleman, has gone a long way in ending the bitter hatred between the two traditional enemies. In fact, an ambitious canal project connecting the human city of Derm with the hradani city of Hurgrum is almost complete. There are factions, however, that will do anything to destroy this union. With assassins lurking and a campaign against a growing ghoul threat in full swing, Bahzell is faced with an unexpected challenge: marriage! Weber’s impressive realm-building skills are in top form, but fans of his previous Bahzell novels may find the pacing a bit sluggish and the plot twists not exactly unexpected. (July)