cover image The Spotted Dog: A Corinna Chapman Mystery

The Spotted Dog: A Corinna Chapman Mystery

Kerry Greenwood. Poisoned Pen, $26.99 (288p) ISBN 978-1-4642-1117-1

In Australian author Greenwood’s busy seventh mystery featuring baker Corinna Chapman (after 2012’s Cooking the Books), several unusual incidents in Corinna’s Melbourne neighborhood trouble her. The cherished dog that saved the life of a Scottish soldier in Afghanistan is stolen; the computers of a Greek café are hacked and pornography left behind; and the homes of Corinna and her neighbor, professor Dion Monk, are burgled. Signs seem to indicate that people are searching for a religious artifact, but Corinna is puzzled as to why she has been singled out and uneasy about hints of a criminal gang’s involvement and the professor’s activities. One traumatized character is unable to speak, but the narrative presents a unique way of conveying her voice that builds suspense. Though the novel is light on actual detection, the action reaches a tense climax. Readers will enjoy warmhearted Corinna’s stout defense of the vulnerable and welcome the chance to spend time with the baker and her eccentric circle of friends. (Sept.)