cover image Trick or Treat: A Corinna Chapman Mystery

Trick or Treat: A Corinna Chapman Mystery

Kerry Greenwood, . . Poisoned Pen, $24.95 (254pp) ISBN 978-1-59058-532-0

Australian author Greenwood’s winning fourth Corinna Chapman mystery (after 2009’s Devil’s Food ) boasts a large, eclectic cast of friends and associates of the hefty Melbourne baker, starting with Corinna’s handsome and mysterious Israeli boyfriend, Daniel Cohen. Intriguing supporting players include apprentice baker Jason, an ex-heroin addict; aspiring actresses Kylie and Goss, who work in Corinna’s bakery, Earthly Delights, while awaiting their big break; Mistress Dread, who runs an s&m shop; Meroe, a witch who operates Sibyl’s Cave; and many, many cats. A gathering of witches in Melbourne to celebrate Samhain; a man named Barnabas who calls himself “king of the witches”; a rash of bad drug reactions; a cache of valuables stolen from Greek Jews during WWII; and the appearance of Daniel’s beautiful and svelte former girlfriend, Georgiana Hope, add up to a rich confection that nicely balances humor, villainy and a puzzle. (Oct.)