cover image First Born

First Born

Tosca Lee. Howard, $26 (320p) ISBN 978-1-4767-9867-7

Bestseller Lee’s The Progeny (2016), a paranormal thriller, depicted a dystopian society built on ancient secrets, myths, and betrayal. This confusing sequel continues the adventures of Audra Ellison, who in the previous book woke up in a Maine cabin “with no memory of the last two years or any pertinent details of [her] life before” and is now at a monastery on an island off Croatia. Audra is a descendent of Elizabeth Bathory (aka the Blood Countess), the world’s most prolific female serial killer, and a member of the Progeny (aka the Utod family). The rival Scions of the Dispossessed want to destroy Audra—and the baby she has in hiding—because of her unique powers: Audra and her daughter have the ability to change the minds of others. Meanwhile, Audra is seeking her murderous enemy, the Historian, in hopes of ending the centuries-old war between the Progeny and the Scions. The jumbled plot and superficial characters seem drawn from a video game. Agents: Dan Raines and Meredith Smith, Creative Trust Ventures. (May)