cover image The Progeny

The Progeny

Tosca Lee. Howard, $26 hardcover (384p) ISBN 978-1-4767-9869-1

Bestselling Tosca Lee (Iscariot) tosses readers into a bizarre tale of ancient secrets, underground networks, and life-or-death chases that, for some readers, will be irresistible and for others confusing and strange. Emily Porter wakes up in a tiny Maine cabin after receiving surgery to erase her memory, only to discover that the memories she erased have come back to haunt her in impossible ways. She has no idea why her life is in danger or whom to trust. As Audra—her real name—flees the cabin and finally the U.S. to Eastern Europe, the mysteries deepen and the killers become more ruthless. Can she really be tied to centuries-old cabals working at cross purposes to protect and destroy her—and the secrets she holds but can’t remember? Be prepared for riddles, enigmas, and puzzles that will keep readers mystified and, ultimately, satisfied. This novel will find purchase in general-market bookstores and draw Lee’s fans in the Christian market too. Agency: Dan Raines and Meredith Smith, Creative Trust Ventures (May)