cover image The Perfect Pillow

The Perfect Pillow

Eric Pinder, illus. by Chris Sheban. Disney-Hyperion, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4847-4646-2

Brody can’t settle down in his “big new bed,” so he crawls out his window with his stuffed dragon, Horst, in search of someplace cozier. The sleeping spots they find are the stuff of dreams but are not suited for human children. A baby squirrel’s nest is too pokey, the clouds are too cold, and a rowboat is plagued with noisy frogs. Inevitably, Brody and Horst end up back in their own bed. Pinder (How to Build a Snow Bear) confidently wields an array of classic storytelling tools: noise words (“crick crack crunch”), insider details (“Horst waggled his wings, which is how dragons say yes”), and soothing litanies (“So he followed Horst around the pond, through the forest, under the clouds, and over a hill”). Sheban’s mixed-media spreads give the story its enchantment. Misty scenes in luminous, silvery shades breathe magic into Brody’s climb to the clouds and his flight back. It’s a story for kids who can’t go to bed without one last adventure. Ages 3–5. Author’s agent: Ammi-Joan Paquette, Erin Murphy Literary. Illustrator’s agent: Rosemary Stimola, Stimola Literary Studio. (Feb.)