cover image Thief of Corinth

Thief of Corinth

Tessa Afshar. Tyndale, $24.99 (400p) ISBN 978-1-4964-2865-3

Afshar, Christy award-winner for her 2013 novel Harvest of Gold, once again brings historical detail to vibrant life, this time focusing on the city of Corinth—center of first-century CE commerce and culture—and the family of fictional Galenos. Galenos’s daughter, Ariadne, has lived with her oppressive mother and grandfather in a villa near Athens ever since her parents’ divorce as a child. Now 16, she flees to her father’s home in Corinth, where she quickly discovers the family secret: her father is the famous Honorable Thief, who robs only the richest and most unscrupulous citizens. Ariadne faces challenges in her new life, among them the displeasure of the city’s women who think she is ridiculous when she enters a prestigious race at the Isthmian Games, as well as the contentious relationship with her foster brother, Theo. Despite this, she is bent on helping her father, even if it means becoming a thief herself. But then, abruptly, Galenos and Ariadne’s lives are transformed when Ariadne’s brother, Dionysus, arrives from Athens with his friend, Paul of Tarsus. Paul’s teachings bring healing to the family, and particularly to Ariadne, who must face her selfishness and pride. Afshar again shows her amazing talent for packing action and intrigue into the biblical setting for modern readers. (Aug.)