cover image Daughter of Rome

Daughter of Rome

Tessa Afshar. Tyndale, $25.99 (400p) ISBN 978-1-4964-2870-7

Afshar (In the Field of Grace) dramatizes the romance of the biblical characters Aquila and Priscilla in this exciting inspirational. Both Aquila and Priscilla have been betrayed by family members and are seeking to rebuild their lives independently. Each has a stalwart ally: Priscilla has her slave Lollia, while Aquila has his uncle Benyamin. Despite early inclinations to avoid each other, they begin to experience a deep attraction predicated on compassion, sacrifice, and strong faith. After repeated, and mysterious, attempts on Priscilla’s life, Aquila’s protectiveness of Priscilla becomes a desire to permanently guard her, and the two get married. But Priscilla has a secret that changes Aquila’s feelings toward her once he discovers it. Afshar does not end the story with their wedding, but continues with a creative spin on their early ministry, including involvement with an orphaned boy and an order of exile from Claudius. Afshar brings in a thoughtful consideration of whether or not there are behaviors that cannot ever be forgiven, and her intricate biblical setting will engross readers. This is Afshar’s strongest, most complex scripture-based story yet. (Feb.)