cover image The Chemistry of Love

The Chemistry of Love

Sariah Wilson. Montlake, $12.95 trade paper (366p) ISBN 978-1-5420-3924-6

Wilson’s laugh-out-loud latest (after Cinder-Nanny) follows cosmetic chemist Anna Ellis, who’s full of innovative ideas but can’t get her company to take them seriously. Her boss is a creep and she isn’t making progress talking to her boss’s boss, Craig, because her massive crush on him makes her hopelessly awkward. Meanwhile, Craig’s brother, Marco, the company’s CEO, is bent on breaking up Craig’s relationship with his newly announced fiancée. When Anna and Marco meet-cute in a bathroom—a conversation that inevitably touches on Anna’s favorite subjects, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars—Marco sees a solution to both of their problems. Craig has always been a jealous and competitive type, so Marco suggests that if he and Anna fake a relationship, it will drive Craig wild. Anna is game to play along, particularly as the arrangement comes with much desired chemistry equipment, but she gets confused when her feelings start shifting from Craig to Marco. After all, Marco speaks the language of Tolkien’s Elves fluently and shows the appropriate amount of appreciation for puns. How could she resist? Abundant pop culture references and nerdy quips only enhance Anna and Marco’s lively banter. This is utterly adorable. Agent: Sarah Younger, NY Literary. (Feb.)