cover image About That Man

About That Man

Sherryl Woods. Mira Books, $6.5 (408pp) ISBN 978-1-55166-815-4

Set in the sleepy town of Trinity Cove, Va., Woods's newest (Stolen Moments, etc.) is a straightforward tale of love and redemption. For the first time in all her 30 years, sensible Sunday school teacher Daisy Spencer is rebelling. Having recently moved out of her father's house, Daisy defies Robert ""King"" Spencer, the self-proclaimed patriarch of the town, further by taking in the recently orphaned, mischief-making Tommy, whom she found hot-wiring her car. King and her brothers, Bobby and Tucker, are convinced that Tommy will not only steal her silver but also break her heart, and they make it their mission to track down the boy's remaining relatives. The only relation they find is Tommy's long-lost uncle, Walker Ames, a tough D.C. cop who, according to his ex-wife, never devoted enough time to her or their two children. Unwilling to fail at parenthood again, Walker makes the necessary adjustments to his busy schedule to spend time with Tommy and his maddeningly sassy foster parent. The relationship between Daisy and Walker sparks, and Tommy's interactions with his two guardians are sweetly satisfying. Clever characters and snappy, realistic dialogue add zest to an all-too-predictable story line, making this a delightful read for contemporary romance readers. (June)