cover image Learning with Animals Book Set

Learning with Animals Book Set

Melanie Watt. Kids Can Press, $16.95 (136pp) ISBN 978-1-55337-341-4

An array of new titles allow for interactive fun while learning new concepts. Learning with Animals by M lanie Watt contains five small books tucked into sturdy book covers that creates the appearance of a single tall book (approx. 7"" x 14"") when closed. The Alphabet features wild animals from Alligator to Zebra, with the capital and lower-case version of the letter, an inset portrait of the animal and its name printed beneath. Numbers counts farm animals. Shapes features ocean animals, including a round puffer fish and a starfish. Colors focuses on tropical creatures, and Opposites features Arctic animals, such as big and small polar bears, and wet and dry seals. Although removable, the books are securely fitted into the board with their back covers tucked behind an acetate layer, so they can be read and enjoyed without having to remove them.